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Wood Stone Fire Deck Series Stone Hearth Ovens

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Woodstone 9690 Oven
  • The Fire Deck 6045 oven features a door opening 34 inches wide x 9.75 inches high, complemented by a glass heat shield and stainless steel mantle.
  • The cooking area is 42 inches wide x 31 inches deep, resulting in a 9-square-foot cooking surface.
  • A tensioned steel exoskeleton surrounding the hearth and dome perimeter ensures structural integrity and longevity.
  • Wrapped in spun ceramic fiber insulation and requiring only a 1-inch side clearance to combustibles, the monolithic 4-inch thick cast-ceramic hearth and monolithic 4-inch thick dome rest on a black painted steel stand.
  • The oven body front is finished with stainless steel; galvanized steel is used for the top, back and sides.
  • Visible Flame
  • High Production
  • Gas, Wood or Combo
  • Infrared Burner Option
  • Facade Friendly
  • High-Temp Cooking